If you need a generator as a back up for solar panels, then we have the generator to suit your needs, we have supplied generators to many off-grid homes in remote locations around Tasmania.

If your small business is affected by constant power failures and its costing you money, then we have a mains failure system to solve your problems. We have supplied mains failure systems all over Tasmania from Radio Stations, Supermarkets and Wedding Venues, we can give you peace of mind when that next storm hits.  

Mains Failure Generators 

Power outages can be expensive, especially if they are for extended periods of time 

Homes and Supermarkets can loose fresh and frozen produce, Wedding Venues and Function Centres are forced to refund money to their customers and patrons and technology shuts down. Contact us and we can calculate the correct size generator to get you through the next storm 

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R0 356 2963 1982 W1200 H678 Fmax
Storms and Lightning Strikes can cause extensive power outages potentially costing you money .... This amazing photo capturing a lightning strike in Launceston by Simon Toogood, of Toogiephotography

Solar Back Up Generators 

Solar power is a great idea when the sun’s shining. You can use your appliances safe in the knowledge that your solar panels are collecting power from the sun and converting it into electricity.

But what happens when the weather turns for weeks on end and the battery charge runs out? If you’re off the grid, it’s only a short step to a total blackout. Thankfully, someone already thought of that and invented a range of generators that can be customized to save the day.

The solution is a generator customised with a 2-wire auto start. The two-wire auto start generator is the best solution to automatically top up your off-grid solar system. We can supply auto start generators suited to automatically backup off-grid solar sets ups.

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Sustainable off grid living, we supplied this beautiful Tasmanian off grid home with a back-up generator for solar power