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Morso Gas Medio Barbeque



Morso introduces the Morso Forno Gas Medio – the first gas grill in their outdoor range. The Morso Forno Gas Medio is a handy grill which not only has the basic gas grill functions but also contributes most beautifully to your outdoors environment with its minimalist design and sure touch.

  • Powerful 12mj stainless steel burner with rotary ignition
  • Superior heat distribution and control
  • Cook with the lip up
  • High dome hood (17cm) enables roasting
  • integrated temperature gauge ensures maximum control during cooking
  • Convenient electronic ignition
  • Die cast aluminium body
  • Satin Enamel cast-iron grill

Dimensions: 430 H x 550 W x 590 D (mm)

Weight: 17.8 kilos

Gas Type: ulpg