Austroflamm Woody


The Woody has been designed and manufactured by a world leader in the fireplace industry. Austroflamm’s reputation has been built on quality, design and innovation.  The stoves are made in Austria from steel and are a magnificent example of contemporary technology and design, specifically developed to meet increasingly exacting international standards.

The Austroflamm Woody is defined by its materials, design and workmanship. Each fireplace is a complement of steel with beech and walnut finishes. The bevelled cast lid of the Woody gives this Austroflamm stove an interesting shape that leaves a lasting impression. However, the eye-catcher par excellence is above all the oval viewing window, which frames the flames.

The Woody provides a comfortable 7.0kW of heat output with an average of 64% efficiency. Exhibiting all the traits that come with every Austroflamm fire, the firebox is lined with a Keramott Lining that is exclusive to Austroflamm. This material excels by an exceptional ratio between thermal insulation and heat conduction. As a consequence, the combustion chamber reaches higher temperatures sooner. Likewise, the unique surface structure prevents the settling of soot particles.

Heating Capacity 8 - 12 sq

Dimensions 538mm w x 399mm d x 1027mm h 

Flue 152mm 6 inch